AngularJS recursive query component

  • Description :

    This project was completed in the course of my internship in 2019 (more details here)

    This project is composed of the following:

  • Technology and notions:

    Javascript (Node.js), Typescript, AngularJS, enums, types, Continuous Integration Environment.

  • Duration of the project :

    Six weeks from the 8th July 2019 to the 9th August 2019

  • What I learned from this project:
    • NodeJS: Knex, Express Joi Validation, Formbuilder, Express, .next() method in Formbuilder

    • Recursive functions: Joi schemas, Json generation and parsing, typescript types.

    • AngularJS: Integration of PrimeNG components, Dynamic Nested Reactive Forms

    • Javascript/NodeJS: typescript and improved coding best practices

    • Typescript: The use of enum classes, defined types

    • GitLab: Use of the GitKraken software allowed me to get accustomed to the Git Flow processes

    • Docker: Use of Docker Desktop and the docker extension in VSCode

AngularJS component UI for SQL queries:

Feel free to check out the source code (uploading at a later date)