Internship 2018

The internship

The company: Web-Atrio

Web-atrio Toulouse
2 rue Marcel Doret,
31700 Blagnac
SSII - ESN Toulouse Specialised in web development

Founded in 2012 by RĂ©mi Gaubert, Steve Ferrero and Wojtek Jamka by three founders, hence the name: Web-Atrio. It's a growing company with 80 to 100 employees today. Web-Atrio specializes in the design of software solutions and online applications with extensive experience through multiple different skillsets. The company develops sites, information systems, classification, mobile applications, documentation software and modules facilitating the management of documents at the administrative level. It works for a large range of clients of different sizes: small businesses, SMEs, major accounts ...

The Internship:

Towards the end of my first year towards a Bachelors degree in computer architecture and information systems at Ynov Campus (Toulouse), I have to complete an internship of about 6 Weeks.

At the end of a first year, we didn't have to find an internship that was in relation with our course, however, I was feeling motivated to find one that was.

During the month of july, I kept an eye out for companies looking for interns, not many were interrested in taking in first years.
After contacting different companies through different means, it's through Meetup, an application facilitating reunions between individuals of the same interrests that I discovered Web-Atrio.

   - Alex King

The offices are located at Blagnac, Burolines 2, 10 minutes walk away from the aeroport.

Depending on the needs of customers, Web-Atrio can send developers in-house on a cost-plus contract.

What is a cost-plus contract ?

"In practice, the salaried employee is temporarily rented by the service company to the client company, which has a few advantages :

    For the service company, which by making a margin covers the cost of it's infrastructures, and can pay its shareholders;
    for the client company, which can do a job, without having to hire an employee, which gives it flexibility over the labor code."
- Wikipedia

The company operates as a freedom-form company, with a flat hierarchy where the majority of decisions are made by general consensus.

Freedom-form company

"An organizational form in which employees are totally free and responsible in the actions they deem good - them and not their boss - to undertake." - Wikipedia

Office life evolves in a quiet environment, conducive to work, the offices are separated between the administrative side and the development side.

There is a meeting room and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, gas cooker, sink and a table. A truck arrives at noon to sell wraps, salads and sandwiches, but I personally prefer to bring my own lunch.

The group cohesion and the relations between the individuals are friendly, the company has had several labels of which the label "Best Workplaces in 2016 and 2018"

This is probably due to a solid inner dynamic that I have managed to observe for the duration of the course.