Internship 2019

The internship went smoothly and I learned a lot of things, I made a condensed version of what I learned here.

I have realised that I was very focussed on doing my best on a technical level and I am really happy with all that I learned throughout this internship.

I have noticed a few points I need to work on however, I tend to be focussed on what I'm doing and since I'm also a naturally reserved person it is hard to actively participate in the dynamics of the team. It is a way of working that has worked very nicely at school but in the workplace you need to be a bit more "present".

People need to know you are there and what you are working on. This leads me to my second point where I need to improve my active listening skills. When my project manager would explain a process or give me instructions, in my mind, I would get stuck on the details.

Details or problems that at the time I knew I didn't know how to execute and while I tend to wonder about those, I lose attention for a few seconds. I have and am actively working on being present and any questions, I mark them on a piece of paper so as to tackle them later.

Nonetheless it was a positive experience that has reinforced my will to continue on this path.

A bit of feedback...

Au cours de mon stage, chez Aosis, j'ai eu l'occasion de travailler avec Alex. J'ai découvert un développeur passionné par le monde du numérique et les nouvelles technologies. Curieux et impliqué, il est très facile de travailler avec Alex car il sait se rendre disponible pour les autres.

During my internship at Aosis, I had the pleasure of working with Alex. I met a developper passionate about the world of data and new technologies. Curious and present, he is very easy to work with and doesn't mind making himself available to help others.

Elément avec des bases solides techniquement, qui a une marge de progression. Nous lui présageons un bel avenir.

With solid technical bases and a margin for progression, we bode him a promising future.