Discord Bot

  • Description :

    The goal of this project was simply to gain more experience in the use of NodeJS and make a chatroom more welcoming to newer members

    This project is composed of the following:

    • Spontaneous chat responses to commands and triggers

    • Ability to play Hangman in private chat with the bot, the bot saves progress and awards points upon victory

    • Use of the Youtube API to get in-chat notifications of when a youtube channel is livestreaming

    • I had linked the bot to the cleverbot API so it was possible to interract with the bot and talk to it, sadly use of the API is no longer free and I had to disable this functionality

    I am using the discord.js library and the source code for the project can be found here

  • Technology and notions:

    Javascript (Node.js), discord.js sqlite, youtube API, JSON, Github, Visual Studio Code, Amazon Web Services...

  • Duration of the project :

    Year of 2018, adding random functions to the bot over time, in free time.

  • What I learned from this project:
    • NodeJS: node packet manager, export modules, asynchronous functions

    • Communicating with these APIs and parsing JSON in javascript: Youtube API, Cleverbot API

    • SQLite: Saving, retrieving and using data from sqlite files with asynchronous functions

    • Javascript: This project has really helped me understand how to use javascript outside of it's use in a web environment.

    • Discord.js: I spent a lot of time digging through this documentation in the goal of successfully achieving what I wanted the bot to do.

    • Github: Maintaining a github repository with commits, ignoring important files and generating SSH keys

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Pulling from the git repository in an instance and remotely running the bot on that instance.

Discord bot (Mimsy)

Feel free to check out the source code