Minecraft Java Plugin

  • Description :

    This project was commision and completed for a friend as an extension to the game of Minecraft.

    (more details here)

    This project allowed me to learn the basics of java and learn a few extra skills.

  • Technology and notions:

    Java with Bukkit/Spigot Libraries, IntellIJ 2017, VCS

  • Duration of the project :

    3-5 hours

  • What I learned from this project:
    • Casting an object from a super class to a sub class.

    • Syntax, Scopes, @EventHandler, IntellIJ 2017 support, Version control systems

    • i18n.properties language files, Array declarations

    • Parsing YAML configuration files.

    • Compiling and debugging, reading stack traces.

Elytra warning plugin:

Feel free to check out the source code

This plugin was created as a solution to a misconception in the game. The player would fall from the sky when the wings broke. The wings durability decreases as the player flies and there is no warning of when the durability of these wings reaches 0. This plugin detects the event where the durability falls below a certain threshhold and displays a warning on the screen.

How the warning appears on the screen: