Recipe website

  • Description :

    The goal of this project wasto make a website capable of capturing, storing and searching recipes by their description, categories and ingredients.

    This project is composed of the following:

    • Backend CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update & Delete) for recipes and ingredients.

    • Unique search bar allowing you to search for recipes by title, description, ingredients, category.

    • Users can create recipes defined by a title, description, ingredients, category and one or more images.

    • User roles and permissions.

  • Technology and notions:

    Laravel 4.2 php framework, Eloquent ORM, Entrust and Confide (by Zizaco), BLADE template engine, Bootstrap, html, css, visual studio code.

  • Duration of the project :

    1 Month during class period

  • What I learned from this project:
    • Seeding tables, creating migration schematics and using Pivot tables with ELoquent in the MySQL database

    • EAGER loading in the Eloquent ORM

    • Jquery: Creating elements, targeting and modifying attributes on a page

    • Blade Template engine: passing information to the templates, creating forms and templates and using them in different views

Recipe Website

Recipe website

Feel free to check out the source code

Front view.

Some code for the different sections:

Loading the list of recipes with their respective attributes with Eloquent ORM

Adding ingredients into the form with javascript:

Saving a recipe to the database upon submission of the creation form.

Using the AdminLTE Blade template