Batch watermarking

  • Description :

    This project was a script I made to automatically apply a watermark to a large batch of images. I set it as a challenge to code the script in a time that shorter than it would for me to manually apply the watermarks and resize them with an external piece of software. I didn't want to do it all manually and figured there would be a faster way of doing it if I where to code it.

    I used the ImageMagick binary distribution

  • Technology and notions:

    Bash Shell scripting

  • Duration of the project :

    2 hours (still shorter than manually adding 100+ watermarks with a photo editor)

  • What I learned from this project:
    • Usage of the ImageMagick distribution for the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Batch script:

Feel free to check out the source code

Quick representation of what the script does:

The script is fairly easy to use, just drag and drop in a folder containing images and a "watermark.png" image, make sure you have the ImageMagick dependency installed and let it run.