Internship 2019

The internship

The company: Aosis

Aosis - Colomiers
20 impasse Camille Langlade

Created in 2010 by three SAP (Systems, Applications and Products) consultants, AOSIS was initially a society for editing BIRD (Business Intelligence Repository Documentation) software and DOG (Development with Objects Generator). In response to high demande from its clients, AOSIS completed its promise of being able to offer as soon as 2012 it's advice and integration around BI : SAP leading solutions in the industry. Today, AOSIS creates BI, Big Data and Data Science innovations with high added value and offers software in the field of data management.

Motivated to progress in my course as a developper and aspiring to work with data in the futur, I chose this company in the hopes of getting an insight in that line of work.

During the interview, my futur project manager who prefers to stay anonymous in this report, and a fellow developper presented the project to me. The project was to work on a component responsible of allowing users to search and visualise data from a database. On the whiteboard below, the users will access a form via the user interface (dtl-ui) that will send the information to an API that reroutes the form data to the dtl-datastore-reader api that will read the form data and query the database and return a response.

The component interface without any user input: