Internship 2018


Welcomed to the company after a first meeting through meetup, I felt comfortable with and integrated to the team from the first day. The given projects were adapted and achievable .

I'm surprised by the amount of different skills I've been able to acquire during the internship, in several areas:

    - Symfony4 (Finder, Request, Routes etc..)
    - FOSUserBundle
    - EasyAdminBundle
    - TWIG (and the basic concept of template engines)
    - composer
    - Doctrine/ORM (Object Relational Mapping and entity creation)
    - Controller functions and routing.
    - Notions of entity relations

I enjoyed meeting and talking with different members of the team who were all specialized in different fields leading to interesting and informative conversation topics concerning not only their areas of expertise but also hobbies and current events.

When it comes to the internal organization of the office, it is exactly as I imagined for an open space though the armchairs here are much more comfortable than I imagined.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the companies efficient and very attractive internal organization with many activities to participate in (evening sport, bowling night, yearly weekend outing, and meetup events), flexible hours, effective cross-platform internal communication via email.

The general atmosphere at work was good, conducive to reflection.

I am very happy to have been part of their team for the duration of the internship and to have spent my first business experience with them.

A bit of feedback...

Despite the difficult technical context for a first year student, Alex has made a very good impression at Web-Atrio. He was serious, curious and eager to learn new skills. These qualities will be useful for you in the future, continue like this! 😃

Alex was able to gradually integrate himself within the team with discretion, so he became a full member of Web-atrio. His curiosity and his appreciation for web technologies have enabled our company to have valuable help on several projects. I'd like to thank Alex personally for a translation that had to be done quickly and allowed us to build a lasting relationship with a new client

Although a little discreet at first, Alex was able to integrate quickly with the team and became accustomed to our unusual management system. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Web-Atrio and that you keep good memories. Our paths will certainly cross again, in the meantime I wish you a good continuation :)

Curiosity and a thirst for learning are the key words that characterize Alex during his internship at Web Atrio. He was very appreciated by all the collaborators and is devoted to a very good future in the field of the development. Good luck for the future.